My first week with an iPhone

That’s my first week with my iPhone, well I have my iPhone since a little bit more time, and I´ve to say: that’s great! I´ve discovered another way to take photos.

I can take photos everywhere, cause I can take it always with me, and because it’s little, and no one see my iPhone, and I can take photos easy way. One of my favourites disciplines of photography is Street Photography, with iPhone can I take photos with a diferently way.  People around me is so natural and then the photos are natural too.

I´ve been surprised for the quality of the lense, I don´t know if iPhone hat the best camera  or not, it doesn´t matter for me. The thing is the camera is really good, and there´s a lot of applications. I’m not saying, of course, that iPhone is better than my camera and I will ever take photos with my camera, but the truth is tha I’ve had a lot fun taking photos with iPhone!

Some photos are taken with Instagram, more are just for fun, playing, and other are my street photography. There´s a lot places in internet, where you can your photos shared, two of my favourites are Instagram and Tadaa. I like much Posterous too.

So I hope that you enjoy thoses photos!



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