My first Post

My first Post. Finally I´ve decided to make a blog with some of my photos and illustrations, but when I started to think about my first Post, I was very confused, I had no idea what I could talk about, but suddenly I thought that everything will be easier if  you talk about something familiar. My first Post is about my city. It’s not the most beautiful, not the most interesting, but it’s my city, and I know it, and it knows me.

One thought on “My first Post

  1. por fin !!! era hora que te animaras a tener un lugar donde mostrar tus excelentes trabajos !! los amantes de la fotografia te lo agradecemos ! tenes mucho talento y se te agadece que lo compartas con todos nosotros :)) felicitaciones y espero que este sea el primero de muchos e ininterrumpidos posts !!

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